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1. Take their glowsticks
2. Bump the dj table during their favorite jig
3. Assume they are on drugs
4. Assume they are not on drugs
5. Charge them outlandish amounts for water
6. Take their pacifier does anyone actually use them anymore?
7. Do the bump'n grind with your partner on the dance floor
8. Offer breakdancing lessons to anyone who wants them...right in the middle of the dancefloor
9. Tell them their pigtails are not darling
10. Install a crappy soundsystem in the rave arena
11. Try to carry on a serious conversation in front of the speakers
12. Refuse their generous offers of candy, stickers, glitter, and hugs
13. Use too many strobing lights
14. Hold the raving event down the street from a country bar
15. Change the genre of music often, like every hour...no really, this bothers ravers...
16. Assume they have no life other than going to parties...and possibly being students...
17. Make fun of their baggy pants, silly hats, and fairy wings
18. Act as though you are not interested in the neat-o, cool toys they brought
19. Don't stock the 'bar' with headache remedies
20. Act like you are too cool to enjoy the rave...

source: eight or so years of raving...

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