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A cheering crowd of over 100,000 spectators fell silent as the fourth and final end of quarter hooter sounded

Ladies and gentlemen, history has been made again here at The 'G. This afternoon, Collingwood and St Kilda have drawn for the third time and the first time in thirty-three years an AFL grand final. A rematch of the Two Thousand And Ten Toyota Australian Football League Grand Final will happen next Saturday at two-thirty PM, come back in a week. This last week in September will indeed be a very memorable one.

The captains of both teams were lost for words as Channel 7 shoved cameras and mics in front of their faces, no one had expected anything like this. The game consisted of somewhat less than exciting football up until half time, with the 'Pies leading by 24 points. With ninety seconds left of play in the final quarter, a behind from Lenny Hayes for the Saints equalised the scores at 68 all.

St Kilda took victory by just one point in their only previous grand final win when they triumphed over, again, the Magpies in 1966. The AFL Commission has provisioned an extra five minutes extension in case of a second draw.

As predicted, the replay was a walkover for one team. ...And that team was, Collingwood.

Really, the hoorah, money and time surrounding the replay has not been worth the effort IMHO.

/me goes back to watching the sumo

Written 25/09/10 and 02/10/10 respectively

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