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When I first begin the project of covering the 2012 Primary Election state by state, fathomless aeons ago during the Iowa Caucus, I didn't think my project would last very long. I didn't plan to write about every state, because while I knew a few races would be pivotal moments and late-night nail biters, others of them would be less dramatic and important.

But once I started covering them, it seems silly to exclude any of them.

Massachusetts is usually considered to be one of the most liberal states in America, and despite his self-description as "severely conservative", Mitt Romney is the closest thing the race has to a moderate Republican. He was also the governor of Massachusetts for four years. In other words, Massachusetts was expected to be the easiest contest that Romney had yet to win.

And, indeed, it was. As of the current time, 95% of the vote is in and Romney has 72% of the vote: by far the highest percentage of the vote he has got through the primaries to this point. It gives him a good amount of delegates and cements his position as the leading candidate in New England and the Northeast. Whether being an overwhelming favorite in Massachusetts is something that he can brag about in, say Arkansas is another matter entirely.

After Virgina, Massachusetts was the second contest to have its vote almost all counted. And like Virginia, the results are not significant as far as the rest of the race goes.

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