While all but one state have reported in some results, the presidential election has not yet been settled. However, three of the most important senate races have been.

The Senate race in Massachusetts is for the seat that was long occupied by Ted Kennedy. When he died in 2009, a run-off election was called to replace him, in early 2010. Massachusetts is often thought to be the most liberal state in the nation, so it was assumed that someone as liberal as the late Kennedy would easily win the seat. However, Scott Brown, a moderate Republican politician, ran for the seat, and surprisingly, won.

However, Scott Brown winning the seat was a perfect storm of an off-year for Democrats, a weak opponent, and a good candidate in Scott Brown.

However, he still had to defend his seat in the regular election this year. His opponent was Elizabeth Warren, a Obama cabinet member, Harvard Professor, and outspoken liberal. Initially, they were running about even, but probably due to the national reputation of the Republican Party, Scott Brown found his position as a Republican Senator in a liberal state untenable. Although the victory was not a blow-out, at the present time, with 82% of the vote counted, Warren leads Brown 53% to 47%. This victory gives a buffer to the Democratic Party should races in other parts of the country go bad. It also proves that someone as outspoken as Warren can succeed in politics--- at least in Massachusetts.

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