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I got pretty hungry yesterday, because I get pretty hungry everyonce in a while, so I decided to go eat in this restarant called "Freebirds" in Isle Vista. So I drive over to the restarant, lock and close my doors, then walk into the restarant. I order a "regular" chicken burritto, which is actually huge, I finish it, then walk back to my car. What do you know! I forgot to take the keys out! I can see them sitting in the ignition just taunting me saying, "You can't get into your car! Sucker. Ha ha." To make things worse, parking in Isle Vista is pretty tight, and I was in a One Hour Only parking zone.

Well, because of my previous spare key holder incident, I didn't have a spare set of keys, so I asked the manager of Freebirds not to tow away my car and told him I'll take care of it in a day or so.

So I call a Tow Truck place when I get home, and ask them how much it would cost them to Slim Jim my car. "$35 for a service call" they say. 35 bucks for a freakin' slim jim?!? (For those that don't know what a Slim Jim is, it's a sheet of metal with a bunch of notches on the side that they slide into your door next to the door window and they can pull the lock open from there)

My Car Description:
'83 Chevy Caprice Classic
Rust stains: STANDARD
Dings and dents: STANDARD
Automatic Transmission: Broke a few days ago, so it won't shift higher than second gear.
Top Speed: How fast do you think you can get in second gear? Yeah, not very...
Back Seat belts are not in working order

Anyway, I'm getting rid of my car this summer anyway. I'm probably just going to take it apart for fun. My car is hardly worth anything anyway. I was willing to let Freebirds tow it away, and get it out of my life, except that I had a few school books in there that combined cost more than the car itself. So I needed to get my books out, but I don't want to pay $35 for some dude to drive over and spend 30 seconds opening my car...

What's this? A 2x8 piece of wood? It's pretty hefty... I could probably get a good swing with it...


Hmmm, that glass is stronger than I thought, maybe a bit harder...


Okay, fine. This time I'll swing as hard as I can swing...


There goes the window! Woot!

So I reach in, unlock the door, and drive off, saving myself 35 bucks in the process. Boy, ain't I smart?!

100% truth!!!

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