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3-South was a cartoon that contains typical, American, teenage humor. It used to air on MTV in 2002-2003. The show was canceled before the first season could even be completed. It will most likely be shuffled into the archives of forgotten television shows, if it hasn't yet already!

It features four main characters: Sanford, Del, Joe, and Todd. The show revolved primarily around Sanford and Del's adventures through their freshman year at Barder College. Joe is the intelligent roommate who is bitter because Harvard rejected him. Todd fills the role of the creepy albino RA with an annoying voice. Minor characters include Cindy, Sanford's ever-drunken sister, Ed, a slow friend of Sanford and Del who has the strangest giggle (geegeegee!), and Coney, Del's most prized possession: an orange traffic cone.

This show looks and feels much like Family Guy. In fact, the creator, Mark Hentemann, wrote for both this and Family Guy. It had a handful of laugh-out-loud moments per episode. Some memorable quotes include:

Episode List

Season One

  1. College Material - Originally aired November 7, 2002. Written by Mark Hentemann.
  2. Stomach Pump 2000 - Originally aired November 14, 2002. Written by Matt Silverstein and Dave Jaser.
  3. New Friends - Originally aired November 21, 2002. Written by Pat Pujolas and Kara Vallow.
  4. My Name Is Todd W. - Originally aired November 28, 2002. Written by Mark Hentemann and Bill Freiberger.
  5. Del Gets Sick - Originally aired December 5, 2002. Written by Reid Harrison.
  6. Fraternity - Originally aired December 12, 2002. Written by unknown.
  7. Coke Addicts - Originally aired December 19, 2002. Written by unknown.
  8. Midnight Del - Originally aired January 2, 2003. Written by Steve Callaghan.
  9. Joe Gets Expelled - Originally aired January 9, 2003. Written by Paul Forie and Alan Cross.
  10. 100 Year Old Man - Originally aired January 16, 2003. Written by Dave Lewman and Joe Liss.
  11. Top Dogs - Never aired. Written by Matt Silverstein and Dave Jaser.
  12. Cocktail - Never aired. Written by Paul Forie and Alan Cross
  13. Fake I.D. - Never aired. Written by Pat Pujolas.


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