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One of the true classic computer games, it is a wonder that there have never been any real 3D Deathchase clones. The premiss of the game - like the premisses of almost all of the classic games - is fantastically simple. You are a biker with a gun; your mission is to chase other bikers through a forest, and shoot them. For bonus points, you can also shoot the tanks and helicopters which occasionally wander past.

That's it.

Try not to hit any trees.


The game was created in the early days of the ZX Spectrum (1983), and as such it was rendered with simple character graphics; they did the job, and no more. 'Day patrol' levels alternate with 'night patrol.' The two are exactly the same except that one has a darker colour scheme. For added fun, after letting off a shot you can steer your bullets by turning your bike, although the ever-present trees mean this is always a slightly reckless thing to do. Stuart Campbell made this Number One in his Top 100 Speccy Games of All Time, and he was not far wrong.

Note that it is even more fun played at about 250% speed on one of today's Speccy emulators.

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