3M Bookshelf Games were a series of games created in the 1960s and into the early 1970s by the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Corporation. Yep, the post-it note and scotch tape people.

These games are all the same size, designed to be able to fit on a bookshelf. They came in a box, which was fitted into a slipcase. These games had remarkable depth, and are great fun to play. The components are high quality as well. They all have a subtitle, which is listed below with the game. My personal favorite is Acquire. 3M has also produced three other lines of games, Gamettes, Sports Games, and Paper Games.

Acquire - High Adventure in High Finance
Backgammon - The Game of Kings
Bazaar - The Trading Game
Breakthru - Strategic Game of Evasion or Capture
Challenge Bridge - A New Dimension in Duplicate Bridge
Challenge Football - Football
Challenge Golf at Pebble Beach - Par 72, 6815 Yards
Chess - The Classic Game
Contigo - Strategic Game of Programmed Moves
Events - The Game of Historic Happenings
Executive Decision - The Business Management Game
Facts in Five - The Game of Knowledge
Feudal - The Game of Siege and Conquest
Foil - Challenging Game of Words and Wit
Go - The Legendary Oriental Game of Skill
High Bid - Exciting New Auction Game
Image - The Game of Personality Profiles
Jati Jumpin - The Absorbing Game of Pawns
Mr. President - Political Campaign and Election Game
Oh-Wah-Ree - The World's Newest Oldest Game
Phlounder - Fun and Action Word Game
Ploy - Strategic Game of Maneuver and Capture
Point of Law - An Exciting Involvement Game
Quinto - Fascinating Game of Fives
Stocks and Bonds - The Game of Investments
Twixt - Strategy Game of Barriers

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