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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Los Angeles in a few city blocks

The 3rd Street Promenade is located in Santa Monica, California on, you guessed it, 3rd Street! Between Lincoln Blvd and Colorado. This expanse is closed to vehicular traffic, except for the occasional crossing for major streets.

On the promenade you will find all of the usual suspects in trendy stores such Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, and several Gaps. Along with these and similar establishments are a wide range of different eateries and bars starting with places like Johnny Rockets, then ranging from good to expensive to good and expensive. Rounding out the establishments are a couple movie theaters, some furniture stores (i.e. Pottery Barn) and your normal potpourri of mall type places. Oh, and there is a mall (which is usually the best place to park) on the Colorado end.

The scene on the promenade itself is an interesting mix of the homeless (and they can be very aggressive here), street performers of varying calibers (I was once serenaded by a screeching 60 year old Honduran woman, but I have seen some amazing shows too), and a mix of trendies, posers and wannabes. The last group is the most dominant, it is very common to see packs of high school and junior high girls dressed as slutty as possible on the prowl for older boys.

The variety of different activities in close proximity, as well as the open air atmosphere, makes the Promenade one of the most popular, easy, and clich├ęd date spots in West Los Angeles. Enjoy.

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