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Another program of the catalan TV noded in Everything (the other being La Cosa Nostra).

And I know this one well, because I work there.

3xl.net is TV program aimed to youngsters (and this doesn’t means that the content has to be necessarily bad, we take our work very seriously), a mix of TV and web contents. But these online contents aren't the usual crap in form of summaries or pure advertising that some TV stations offer, we use the web as a complement of the contents shown in TV.

TV language has many limitations. When I wrote my first TV script, I was told not to put large sentences or too much technobabble, the audience has a very limited attention span, I was told. But now, I can make a piece as visually spectacular as I want, and then keep for the web the heavy stuff, the links (no more writing down URL’s that only last a few seconds on screen!) and all that can’t be said on TV.

3xl.net runs from Monday to Saturday, from 13h to 15h, and includes sitcoms (Parker Lewis can't lose, Madison, Pearl) and Manga (Dragon Ball Z, Lamu, Utena, You’re Under Arrest!). The show has a virtual community, fed with chats and forums, where people whine about almost everything on the show and the web (whining is better than silence, though). In between these series, come the little capsules or pieces that I write. But I don’t write everything! I am just one of the 3xl.net team, and I write about videogames, but there are many more subjects: music, arts, literature, ecologism, comics, science, technology, etc.

By the way, if you want, you can check www.3xl.net, but I warn you, it’s all in catalan.

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