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Catbox: A2S3 Washington, we have a problem

11:11 A2S3 OK. Here's 4 billion bucks. Eliminate the root causes.
11:11 lizardinlaw answering for Washington State. What.
11:11 lizardinlaw Ok, thanks.
11:12 A2S3 looks back at the ranks and files of $4 billion dollars sacks of newly-materialized bucks from the Fed.
11:13 lizardinlaw starts spending. Hmmmm. I will do healthcare and the IT will do schools.
lizardinlaw establishes a single payer system, kicks the EPIC EMR until the coders fix the multitude of crappy parts, establishes that and Amazing Charts linked as the national EMR, whacks the stupid hospital conglomerates with a stick when they refuse to share EMR records with each other, and gives every nurse and provider and EMT and fireperson who has taken care of a dying covid person a bonus.
lizardinlaw hires a lot of small boys and girls and sends them out with blowdart immunization kits.
lizardinlaw notes that the IT is still asleep, so her work will be later on.
lizardinlaw sets up support for all the insurance company employees who no longer have employment and for the hospital billing employees, who have their ranks cut by 90%
lizardinlaw tells the investors in the insurance companies to fuck off when they complain.
lizardinlaw watches small businesses pop up post covid like mushrooms cuz the peoples have health covered. How fucking amazing.
izardinlaw rests on laurels for a few minutes whilst thinking.
lizardinlaw starts picking the pharmacists, nurses and providers to choose the pharmaceuitcals ('cept she finds someone who can spell better n her) and picks A2S3 as the deadly force to negotiate with the drug companies.
lizardinlaw Yee ha
lizardinlaw sets up drug and addiction treatment centers all the hell all over and gets all the providers trained in buprenorphine opioid replacement therapy and for those patients under 25, that month long nalaxone shot. There.
lizardinlaw ...or is it naltrexone. Fungk. Off since 3/20/21 and can't fucking remember anything.
lizardinlaw sets up massive national formulary for medications. The drug companies make less. The investors complain.
lizardinlaw listens to the naturopaths whine about only getting 2% of their bill paid by the national system.
lizardinlaw thinks that is an enormous stupid concession, but some compromises must be made.
lizardinlaw listens as some rich surgeons complain. some rich cardiologists complain. some really rich quacks complain.
lizardinlaw plays a tiny violin for them.
lizardinlaw enjoys watching the small businesses burst into flower and Walmart having to pay employees a lot more. Suffer, dicks.
lizardinlaw likes seeing employees suddenly be valuable and not interchangeable discardable widgets.
lizardinlaw notes there is a lot less back pain.

lizardinlaw will add more as I think of it. Suggestions welcome.

11:42 A2S3 declares the lizard to be the Boss of the State of Washington, effective as soon as the dust settles on the various former state government and shelters are built over the ashes.

Read this after writing above: https://time.com/5931575/biden-immigration-bill-migration-root-causes/

What would you do with 4 billion dollars for root causes?


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