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A bus route in Toronto that loops through East York from Broadview to Main St. Station. Generally, older buses are used on this route as it is not a busy one and the typical rider is an East Yorker.

The bus carries passengers through an area composed mainly of residences, although the route crosses several main streets that pass through the area. There has been little change along the route, with the exception of new crosswalk installations and the construction of new buildings at Coxwell and Mortimer over the past fifty years.

  • Broadview Station
  • North on Broadview to Pottery Road/Whistler's/The Dairy Queen with the world's best view
  • East on Mortimer Ave.
  • East past Carlaw Ave. (Centennial College's BCCC - Set of Degrassi High)
  • Pape Ave. - "Upper East Side" development and major transfer point with north and southbound routes
  • East to Donlands Ave.
  • Continuing through nothing but residences to Coxwell Ave. (R.H. McGregor Public School, East York Civic Centre, Toronto Board of Education offices and the Toronto East General Hospital, Centennial College ECE Centre). Major transfer point with north and southbound routes.
  • Still east through a winding road of East York Bungalows
  • Woodbine Ave. another north/south transfer point
  • Mortimer Ave. turns into Lumsden Ave. and leads the bus through a run down residential area. For a few blocks, this route is the same as the 87 Cosburn but instead of continuing along Lumsden after the S curve, it travels south to Main St. Station.

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