64 Spiders was a wholly unremarkeable band on its own, existing from 1985-87, and is only even interesting because the members of it became founding fathers of the "grunge" scene with other bands later. The only record of theirs I could find any information on was a 7" single called Potty Swat (ick), which contained two tracks, "Potty Swat" and "Rubber Room." They also had two tracks included on a compilation by C/Z records, titled Another Pyrrhic Victory. The songs on that record are called "There Ain't" (though what there ain't, I don't know), and "Bulemic Saturday." They sound like punk rock took a crap and that crap learned how to sing and play instruments. Anyway, the "musicians" (and where they went after 64 Spiders broke up) are as follows:

Dave Lee: vocals
No one seems to know what happened to this guy. Probably for the best.

James Burdyshaw: guitar
Burdyshaw left the band and joined Cat Butt briefly before joining up with Yummy and a group called Rain Dogs about whom there seems to be no information aside from the fact that they apparently existed at some point. He then did a stint with Sinister Six before becoming a full-time member of both The Bare-Ass Minimums and The Bug Nasties.

Joe Ross: bass
Joe Ross left 64 Spiders to join The Green Pajamas, before rejoining Burdyshaw in Yummy.

Eric Walker: drums (1985-86)
Got a "real life" and is now apparently married.

Norman Scott: drums (1986-87)
Interestingly, Scott ended up joining the most important group of anyone in the band; when he left in 1987, he joined Skinyard with to-be studio mastermind Jack Endino. Unfortunately, he was replaced by far-superior drummer Barret Martin before Skinyard's breakthrough album 1000 Smiling Knuckles. Martin would later play with Screaming Trees and with Layne Staley and Mike McCready's side project Mad Season.


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