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and it was the 7th of July when Sophie began to question

her life her morals her ideals

her knowledge

she wondered, if there was something else that she should --- could --- needed to ---


she thought of these questions constantly they wouldn't let her sleep, the thoughts tortured her body and burned her soul, singeing her pale body

‘til she thought .... no, she knew, she could take no more.

so what would she do?

maybe she could outgrow it, force her mind to become a deadened piece of jelly. she would agree with what she was told, do what she was asked of, grow up into another vain, sex-crazed teen, grow up into a mid-twenties-ish, full of plans, ideas and hope, grow up into a frustrated housewife, consumed with children and cleaning and infomercials. she would forget that there was a world outside her own small life...

...that didn't happen.

she decided to not become one of the wandering masses.

so, one night, she left.

it is not known what happened. but once the news reports, that no one saw, stopped; once the rumors, that were not acknowledged, ceased, all traces of that unknown girl


a stranger might have said that it was all for the better, the world wasn't ready for her, and, maybe she wasn't ready for the world.

but, it could be said, that she never wondered any more

and it was the 7th of july.

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