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8 Bit Theater is an online comic strip written by Brian Clevinger. This strip is a parody on the first Final Fantasy game, using sprites from it for the drawings and the story as the plot for the strip. Clevenger began writing the comic in 2001, and there are now almost 600 in the series, while more are continuously published.

The story is about the quest of the four light warriors to save the world from the evil god Chaos. However, the four that become the light warriors really aren't, and have no idea what they're doing. The personalities of the characters clash as they attempt to reach their own goals while continuing with their main quest.

Clevenger does not use only characters from the first Final Fantasy game, he often has other guests in as well. Appearances by Cloud from FFVII, superheroes such as Spiderman, and Baphomet from Ragnarok Online make their way into the comic from time to time.


Black Mage: Though he is one of the four light warriors, he considers himself evil, and would love to bring about the destruction of the planet. He is constantly followed around by Fighter, who constantly enrages Blackmage with his amazing stupidity.

Fighter: Strong in battle, though severely lacking in brains, he considers himself a good friend of Black Mage. Fighter never believes that any of the other light warriors could ever be evil, and hardly ever really seems to understand what's going on. He often gets the others out of tight spots and saves their lives. He is on a quest to find the armor of invincibility.

Red Mage: Supposedly the intelligence of the group, he is obsessed with experience, and loves to come up with plans to attempt to defeat the enemy with.

Thief: The leader of the light warriors, and also the most dishonest. He steals everything he can find, and always tricks the other light warriors to extort them for as much cash as possible. He is actually the prince of Elfland, and is on a quest to save his father and his land, while making as much money in the meantime as possible.

White Mage: A member of a secret organization that is trying to save the world from destruction by helping the light warriors acheive their goals. She is the love of Blackmage, though she despises him.

Blackbelt: He is the personal bodygaurd of White Mage, though he is much smarter than Fighter. He has no sense of direction, and often lets incredibly lost.

All information and the comic itself can be found at http://www.nuklearpower.com/

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