The name of a band which existed in Arlington, Texas back in the 1980s. A garage band which never actually made it to the garage. In fact they recorded their best stuff in the living room of one of the guitar players. They played songs like Robbed Of My Thing, The Sahaba Rap and Think I'm Going Blind. The majority of band members were very drunk at the time of the recordings, and said recordings are incredibly rare. I'd say there's less than a dozen copies in existence, which would make them very valuable, provided they had ever become successful. They did have what was called The Revised 1985 World Furrburger Tour which consisted of the guitar player's living room.. three times, and someone's basement during a particularly bad party where the pizza arrived cold and the two guys with the pickup truck forgot to bring the keg.

Some members of this band later formed another band called The Bloody Tampons but that too was a doomed fiasco lost in the ethereal waves of rock n roll history.

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