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Every profiler with expertise on serial killers and those with similar sociopathic personality disorders will tell you, the truly heinous ones, the irredeemable evil bastards, tend to start in their petulant childhood years with the tormenting of animals. It is through this which they build up the courage (and technique, even) to move on to the torture and murder of human beings. And, if by some trick of fate they are able to get away with it, if by chance the killer is a warlord or a ruler like Ivan the Terrible and old Vlad Tepes, then they'll massacre their enemies openly and publicly and by the leagues, and even wring praise for their barbarism from allies who either share in their bloodlust, or fear to criticise it.

But all of the brash and brutal battlefield butchers of human history can't match up to the deity depicted in the foundational Abrahamic scriptures. And, in particular, we have the one that is best called Biblegod (so setting it apart from more rational deitic conceptualisations)....

A God Pleased By The Odor Of Burning Flesh....

Now there's no denying that Biblegod finds the odor of burning flesh "pleasing" for it is recited in piddly variation over a dozen times in the Bible. In multiple verses of Leviticus 1, by way of example, Biblegod is written as giving extremely explicit instructions on which beasts of the flock to select for burning in accompaniment of all sorts of deitic favor-begging; and as to that slaughtered beast, how to wash it, skin it, slice it up, and set it ablaze and so to create "an aroma pleasing to the LORD."

So here and there and everywhere across the Old Testament, Biblegod has ordered the killing and burning of especially described flesh-parts of all sorts of living things; of bulls and lambs and rams and goats and pigeons and doves and camels and sloths and whatever else is around which may be mutilated and burnt -- not simply cooked, mind you, burnt up, immolated, reduced to nothing. For it is well-detailed how it is the odor of burning flesh, above all things, which Biblegod finds pleasing.

In Genesis 8, Biblegod even follows up his mythic world-massacre orgy of a flood, where forests and jungles of innocent animals have already been murdered in the coldest blood, with a demand of a tribute of the "pleasing aroma" a virtual zoo's worth of burning animals from among the pithy handful claimed to have only just survived on that fictional boat!! In Exodus 18, Biblegod lays down the slaughter-and-burn law for consecration of priests, to make, as well, a "pleasing" burning odor -- with special attention to putting bull's blood on the altar and burning the liver and kidneys. And in Exodus 29. And Leviticus 3, 4, 6, 8, 23, etc.

In Leviticus 26, Biblegod almost goes too far, threatening that if he is not obeyed, well then, not only will he lay waste to their cities and send wild animals to rob them of their children, not only will he force the disobedient to eat the flesh of their own sons and daughters (even though he's supposedly already had wild animals take them young'uns away), but worst of all, he threatens to (gasp) "take no delight in the pleasing aroma of your offerings!!" I can see the faithful now, pleading, "send us plagues, make us eat our kids, but please, please don't not take pleasure in the burnt offering you command us to make!!"

And lest it be dreamt that this commanded sacrifice is engendered only in the dismal myths of the Old Testament, the Book of Luke teaches us that it was still "the Law of the Lord" that the parents of the baby Jesus should kill for Biblegod's pleasure "a pair of doves or two young pigeons." So like the serial killers profiled by forensic experts, Biblegod starts with the burning of animals and O' shall we see how Biblegod works all the way up to humans....

....A God Who Burns Human Flesh, Eternally

For now we must consider: Hell, the Lake of Fire, that endless sulfuric pit. And what is claimed of Hell? It is supposed by the faithful to be a place of punishment for those who fall afoul of Biblegod's line of commanded conduct; a place where people spend eternity exuding the smell of their burning flesh....

The startling realisation to come of this is that Biblegod isn't sending people to burn eternally in hell because they've behaved badly or failed to worship properly -- that's a line, an excuse; he's doing it because his psychosis has reached its perihelion, because he totally gets off on smelling immense quantities of burning human flesh!! It doesn't matter what you believe, what you do in life, what you think of anything -- if the Bible accurately captures the irreparable psychosis of the deity described in it, then you're gonna burn, because Biblegod wants to feed his addiction, to freebase from your human-meat burn-stank.

That is a convenient reason to set up a system where "all fall short," providing a ready excuse to perpetuate the burning of the man-flesh; all are, then, burning in Hell-- even Moses and Jesus and Mohamed, and Buddha and Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and every minister, priest, reverend, or Pope there ever was. All stewing in that lake of fire over which Biblegod is perpetually nasally orgasming from the odor of their writhing, pain-wracked, eternally burning flesh. And what of the children? The miscarried fetuses, even? Well it should render some shivers to remember how the OT-described deity does seem to exude a penchant for the smell of especially young burning flesh!!


But let us have back our moments of peace, now; let us withdraw from this fable and confess: these are myths, stories of primitives expressing their profound ignorance of things spiritual. For a moment of logic and reason and clarity assures us that there never was a deity who commanded sacrifices of any kind, or took any moment of pleasure in the smells that waft from them. And any book that claims there was is but nonsense and fairy tale.

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