hello, it's been a while
how have you been?
I'm sure the construction company is good to you.
Life for me has been fine
married life isn't really much to complain about
much to brag about
and a working mother has a lot of things to do
before fixing that spinach in the evening.

but I wanted to say
I miss you
things just haven't been the same
your gifts of candy and those wonderful bouquets of daisies
that rough way you used to drag me out of the house
and throw me over your shoulder.

Life isn't good
to be honest
maybe it's not so good to side up with the hero
I don't know
but sometimes a girl just needs the bad guy once in a while -
feel that bristly beard against my skin
your arms were strong
real strong
and thick at the top, too
I always liked that about you
you know.

Sometimes he makes me sad
always laughing that annoying laugh
you remember it
I'm sure you hear it in your nightmares
I know I do
and that damn pipe keeps jabbing me in the eye
and the leg
he never takes it out.
And I'm tired of the way he keeps squinting at me all the time
why didn't I notice that before...
I guess it's because he was never tall enough to look me in the
as if he had two... he was looking at a new glass one the other day.

I hate spinach

am I being silly?
to even send this to you?
I probably won't
but it's nice to dream about isn't it?
To at least think that if I sent this to you
you'd come back to get me?
I'd hide all the cans
he wouldn't have a chance you know
that's all that he has going for him anyway.

but right now I'm not sure if he'd care
the phone keeps ringing and no one's there
not even that weird breathing you used to do
after he decked you.
Sometimes I wish it were some weird caller
the last one just asked if I had ever used a toothpick...
I still don't get it.
I hear him on the phone in the other room sometimes
laughing as the door closes
he's off in his own place
and I'm left to care for the little one
he's off to drink tonight
I'm here alone...
he'd never have to even know
give me another chance


P.S. I'll put sweet pea in bed early

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