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Toward the end of The Fantasticks there is a moment- a wistful, climactic moment. The two lovers have just come together once more and sit together, facing each other. In this encompassing position they sing to each other "You are love" in an overlapping melody- the words pulling them inward to a mutual core of intimacy. This brief reprise harkens back to an earlier song in which the girl sang the words "I am love" in echo to the boy's appraisal of her. Now, instead of merely echoing his sentiment's, the girl overcomes her narcissism to truly share and dwell in the mystery of the other person. A new understanding has been reached.

I am reminded of a story a close friend once told me. He and his boyfriend had recently overcome a large argument which placed a lot of distance between them. One night, in his car, my friend's significant other sang a song demonstrating his sorrow, his guilt over what had happened. This small gift touched my friend so because his boyfriend never sang for anyone else before. That night he was given a wonderful memory that, even though their relationship has since ended, I know he treasures greatly.

This is what I want. Someone to share those small, intimate moments with. Someone who is as interested in exploring me as I am in them. I feel like I have found that person, but I have no idea whether or not she has found me. Our contact is somewhat sporadic, but wonderful nonetheless. Yearning is a terrible, albeit necessary, thing which prompts us in our exploration of the mystery of another person.

I want someone to sing with.

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