Anyone who's been through a remodeling or construction project, like a laser, or robot ninja, knows what a difficult time it can be. But you look beyond the clutter, the inconvenience, the countless decisions, the second-guessing and you envision the result. You know that it's going to be worth it.

That's what we're going through right now in Everything2. We're building new nodes and transforming our synergies to enhance infrastructure. It's messy. It's hard work. Not everyone can see our vision.

We're operating Everything2 under the belief that if we transform ourselves by leveraging our assets, we will deliver shareholder value.

Our vision is compelling and clear. We're doing the right things and making steady progress. Our strategy is our blueprint, and our noders are the architects and builders who will make it happen.

We're making headway. Templeton is optimizing the significant noding she generates to improve operations performance. Jet-Poop is focused on introducing competitive new services.

This is just part of how we are building Everything2, building value, and building a bright future for our shareholders and for us. Now is not the time to lose sight of our vision.

I'm concerned our CEO doesn't seem to know the word proactive. Without proactivity, our hard-working noders are just supposed to follow the crowd like so many sheep. How else are we supposed to grow our buzzword vocabulary, and leverage our core competency and brand identity in this vertical?

A concerned shareholder.

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