The Bristol Noder Crew

requests the pleasure of your company

from Friday 18 July to Sunday 20 July 2003

to enjoy a weekend of

fun and games, alcohol and food

and The Ashton Court Festival

not to mention planning to take over the world.

RSVP by 11 July 2003

arieh, ascorbic, elem_125, Heschelian, hotchicken, lemur, Teiresias and The Debutante

There is a grand plan - subject to change, of course - and we would love for you to join us. (If you are interested, could you please /msg The Debutante.)

On Friday evening, and their exile will be offering a meal, a game of Risk (well, World Domination has to start somewhere) and a place for guests to stay after they have been sated with food and alcohol. (Could those wishing to stay at the flat please let either arieh or elem_125 know. There may be a few available beds, but it is mostly sleepingbag space.)

On Saturday morning sore heads can be left to recover, or can take a walk about Bristol and absorb the atmosphere of the city. Lunch (time and place to be decided) will follow.

In the afternoon, a trip along the docks could be pleasant, before heading to the ice-rink for a session ice skating. Saturday evening's plans will doubtless involve the imbibement of yet more alcohol - as is traditional in these parts - at a local establishment.

Late on Sunday morning, our merry troupe will head over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and towards Ashton Court. Here, we can enjoy a picnic lunch and the sights and sounds that the festival affords. According to the website (, there are two outdoor stages, a Performing Arts Tent, a Big Top hosting jazz, hip hop and soul bands and a marquee featuring blues, folk and acoustic music. Hopefully, there should be something for everybody here, and people can leave for home having enjoyed their weekend in Bristol!

Leaders of the New World Order


When we are Kings, these people will be First Against the Wall

Those with Diplomatic Immunity

To all those who joined the Bristol noders, a very warm thank you! I shall despair over the state of the British transport system forevermore, but rest assured that it shall receive immediate remedial action when we take over the world! Hexter has kindly provided a full aftermath in a daylog.

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