The opening episode of the first series of the BBC TV comedy I'm Alan Partridge.

In this episode the scene is set for Alan's turbulent time ahead. The opening shot is of Alan at 4:35am in his current job as a DJ for the local radio station, Radio Norwich. He tells the staff at his current home, a Travel Tavern that he will shortly be leaving them and puts in an offer for a "five bedroom bastard house" on the assumption he will get a second series of his chat show with the BBC.

The episode revolves around Alan's meeting with the Chief Commissioning Editor of BBC Television, Tony Hayers. This meeting is Alan's last chance to impress Tony and to persuade him to commssion the second series. Things don't go too well. Alan is told he won't be getting another series and Tony laughs off all of Alan's other TV ideas, including Monkey Tennis. The meeting ends when Alan pushes a large block of cheese into Tony's face whilst yelling "Smell my cheese, you mother!"

Whilst sitting in his Rover 800 outside the house he could have owned Alan sums up his disappointment by saying:
"I just want to be able to say 'I’m Alan Partridge. Join me tonight when my guests will be...'"

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