Album by Atom and his Package (ordering information at that node)
I'm writing up the lyrics, be forewarned, I write songs up exactly as they appear in the liner notes. Atom himself put the lyrics in the somewhat-unreadable wrap-around no-new-lines form.
Hello, and thank you for purchasing this thingy.
I am Atom, and the package is a Yamaha QY 700
sequencer.  With the aid of the package,
I programmed in these songs.  Mark Scott recorded
these songs and made them sound better than the
last CD due to a breakthrough in technology (I.E. reading
directions to 8-track).  Chris and Gabi put this out
and took me to Coney Island.  Thank you.  I hope you enjoy!

  1. Punk Rock Academy
  2. Happy Birthday Ralph
  3. Goalie
  4. 80's Bastard
  5. People in this Computer Lab Should Shut the Hell Up
  6. Waiting Room
  7. Jenny S.
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Meatball
  10. Happy Birthday General
  11. Sting Cannot Possibly Be the Same Guy Who Was in the Police
  12. Me and my Black Metal Friends
  13. 180 lbs.
  14. Break Down the Walls
  15. You Took Me By Surprise
  16. Reset the Crotchelator
  17. Connor, Welcome
  18. No Head
  19. Pat and Atom are Friends
  20. No Way DNA

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