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The Barringtons lived in a house in the woods,

they had claws, and fur and teeth.

There was Papa and Mama.

A boy and a girl.

They were happy as four bears can be. 


There was one little problem and it seemed so teensy,

but sometimes it made for some tension.

So they sang la-la-la with their paws on their ears.

They agreed it wouldn’t be mentioned. 


The Barrington clan was at home one fine day

when they heard a knock on the door.

Papa picked up his bear feet and grumbled,

and crossed the bear living room floor


She had big wide blue eyes and blonde hair with curls,

her lips were red as a rose.

And bears being bears, well they started from there,

and worked down to her pretty pink toes.


That one little problem the Barringtons had,

the one they agreed not to mention—

that warm fine day it all went away.

The thing that had caused so much tension. 

From her cute button nose

to her pink, pretty toes,

they left only her long, golden hair;

they took off their suits

and they sang la-la-la,

and said see, we really are bears.





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