When I was in third grade I was at the play ground near my house in Elmendorf AFB Alaska "recreating" some star wars scenes. My Bespin Leia had bravely sacrificed herself to save Darth Vader from some marauding Fischer-Price Adventure figures.

Without a back word glance or thought for her own safety the brave Leia lept from the bridge of Darth Vaders Star Destroyer landing safely on the comforting sands of Tattooine. Unfortunately, after being crudely mauled by Tusken Raiders she was almost immediately swallowed up by a sand storm. But the worst was yet to come.

After the "recreation" was over I could not locate the braveLeia. I begun to excavate. Hours past and my efforts were joined by many friends. Soon we had a very impressive hole, but alas, it was now dinner time and the digging crews had to rest.

We begun to dig anew the next morning. By midday we had managed to clear a hole at least 10 foot in diameter and deep enough that most of us needed assistance leaving the hole. It was then that the Bases's Security Police arrived. Responding to a call of Vandals at work in the playground, they ordered us to fill in the hole we had created.

I never found my Bespin Leia. I returned to the spot several years ago while visiting my parents. After more than ten years of constant activity the depression of the filled in hole was still clearly visible. I asked several of the children present if they had seen my Bespin Leia. They seemed confused and perhaps even a little frightened.

No one had seen Leia. Sometimes, when the sun has set and the clouds are heavy with rain, I sit alone and think of brave Leia and her sacrifice. It's during these times of lament that I think to myself, "I bet that bastard Peter from next door swiped Leia while I wasn't looking!"

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