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Published in 2005 by Alternative Comics

ISBN: 978-1891867743

A 48 page zine/graphic novella about an angsty Cure-head named Miles who skips school to buy the new album by his favorite band after a four year hiatus.

Miles gets to the local CD store (remember those?) before it opens. A friendly girl named Anna shows up for the same reason. They kill time together until the store opens and then end up hanging out for the rest of the day.

This book alternates between warmth and coldness: Miles has Pornography blaring on his car stereo so Anna suggests "Kiss Me" then they freak out mallwalkers and show each other their secret places.

Overall this story is brief and remains fairly light while touching on some dark themes. At times it's pretty predictable. Even so, the interplay between Anna and Miles will strike a chord in any one who has ever been moved by Robert Smith's work or ever just felt out of step. Worth checking out for the illustrations: lush, evocative yet simple black inkwork.

I was really happy that neither of the two characters are smokers.

A Strange Day was written by Damon Hurd & illustrated by Tatitana Gill. These two continued the saga of Anna and Miles in 2007's Pictures of You.

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