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This Green and Pleasant Land

Never a lovelier scene my eye has viewed
Than Dartmoor - that romantic solitude:
There mountain torrents rush through rock-strewed glens,
A hundred springs gush up from secret dens;
There, rock-piled slopes with rugged chasms yawn,
As if by thunderbolts asunder sawn;
- Samuel Wills

From the Mists of Time The Tourist Trail

The West Country is home to some of the most stunning examples of natural beauty in the entire British Isles. Stretching from the rugged cliffs and surfing beaches of Cornwall to the windswept moorlands of Devon and Somerset, into the spectacular scenery of the Mendips and if you continue east you find the sea-stacks in Dorset, and to the north lies the megalithic treasures of Wiltshire.

There is more to the West Country than picture-postcard countryside. Venturing in to the cities of the opens up a whole new dimension to the region, with cosmopolitan Bristol, the historical spa town of Bath, cathedral city of Salisbury, tourist mecca of Truro and the University city of Exeter all being within the region. From horticulture and history to culinary gems and culture there is enough to sate even the most avid holiday makers.

Local places of interest

Counties of the South West

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