Break it down, this London scene is really swinging at the moment and it is already time for another meet. Dabcanboulet, everyone’s favourite Canadian kernel hacker, is visiting London on business and before heading up to Nottingham he wants to meet and greet the London Booze Monkeys. To this end on the evening of Wednesday 12 February we will assemble and meet and drink and be merry and so on and so forth.

The venue chosen is the Bricklayer’s Arms, a Samuel Smith pub just off the Tottenham Court Road. Some of you may remember this particular public house from a previous meet at which we were lucky enough to be graced by Chiisuta’s presence, spy Frankie in a stunning dress and embarrass bol in front of his female flat mates.

Final details are as follows:

  • When – Wednesday 12 February, 5:30 onwards
  • Where – Bricklayer’s Arms, 31 Gresse St, London, we'll be upstairs
    Nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road (2 minutes) a sort of map at
    jobby says there is a fruity map at 529613&y=181503&z=1&sv=Gresse+St

Now for what matters, who’s coming: and who’s definitely not coming:
  • WyldWynd
  • StrawberryFrog – some lame excuse about being out of the country or something, to quote, "Oh, the heat, the dust, the booze, the parties, the women... It's tough I tell you."
  • RalphyK – Very busy at work
  • wertperch
  • catwertle
  • trembling - his employers are "lashing him with chains of steel and blood"
  • Master Villain - is on the other side of the world
  • BA Baracus – “I hate that crazy foo”

If you’ve got any further queries then drop me a msg. Don’t forget to spread the word and in case you get lost or something stupid like that call me on 07890 863 889.

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