One of my mother's friends from work was hosting a barbecue, and invited lots of people. So we went. It was in his backyard, and the smells of sausage, hotdogs, and other assorted meat was in the air. I was ravenous, and ran for a paper plate and plastic silverware. After which, I proceeded to consume an artery clogging assortment of dead animal flesh.

I layed back in a plastic chair and chewed. A few friends of my mom were sitting at a plastic table not to far from me, and I overheard bits of their conversation. Turns out they were talking about really bad bands (in their opinion), and they mentioned The Village People. Now, at the time, I didn't know they were talking about bands. I just heard the, "village people" part. I was far too busy stuffing my face to really listen.

One of the women in the conversation recognized me, and despite the fact I was hounding down food in a disgusting manner, came over and asked me a question. I guess she was trying to get me involved in the conversation.

"Ever heard of The Village People?"

I tried to think of what she might be referencing, and gave the best answer I could muster,
"Are they Amish?"

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