My Dearest,

I debate the value, the need to touch you, the need to be physically close to you.

I see your face constantly, I can speak words to you as needed because a communication channel is almost always open, even when you're not home.

I've said to myself that I've wanted a lover not so focused on the physical. I also didn't want the confines of a standard relationship because my personal quest and goals this year require that I stand on my own two feet.

I have that space.
I have that freedom.
And I have an intense relationship to feed my passions.
I've found that all
with you.

I watch your digital face change every few moments and I long to hold you again, but I realize that even if you were with me physically right now we couldn't embrace enough or kiss enough or make love enough because I would want to pull you into me - I would want us to exist in the same space, the same body; I would want our energy, our breaths, our visions, and our heartbeats to be one and the same.

No matter how I try to rationalize it, I still miss you.

But I'm in like. And I would miss you even if you were standing in the same room and not holding me. Our feelings are fresh and new. There's a world of things to learn about each other and a thousand uncertainties since trust is still being developed. And I would feel so much more secure if I could be in your presence often.

I'm guessing that's exactly why you were brought into my life this way.

So I'll learn to love you from a distance, because distance, with the aid of modern technology, doesn't prevent us from being close. The time we spend together will be a consummation of our efforts, and I won't mind as much if they're spent in silence so we can give our voices a rest and give our spirits a chance to dance together.

We can only grow from this.

And we'll make this a an affair to remember.

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