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Weekend Sound Track

A noderskating jam named Saturday

2pm Saturday


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My favourite day of the week is Saturday.
And my favourite time on Saturday is two in the pee-em....

So get your skates on and join the jam!

It's 2pm in the Central Park of your mind...
All around the world!

Track One
"A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturday"
De La Soul

Five days of work, then one whole day of play
C'mon everybody get your rollerskates today
It's a Saturday! A Saturday! Saturday, it's a Saturday...

Track Two
"So What?"
Miles Davis

Miles, Kind of Blue.
His trumpet transcendental, and throwaway, at the same time.
Just enjoy. Miles sure is...

Track Three
"Meet the Bongo Man"
Johnny O

The Bongo Man makes his fashionably late appearance at the jam

Track Four
"Parakeets of Paraguay"
Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra

The birds are jammin'

Track Five
"Just ask Melanie"
Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda, Robert De Niro

Interlude from the great "Jackie Brown"
Coughing's good. It opens up the capilaries.

Track Six
"Joint Just Jumping"

A ute is an Australian pick-up truck.
This cut is an Australian pick-up track.
Ute. Exported from Adelaide to please the world.

Track Seven
Directions In Groove

From the glory days of acid jazz, DIG.
A special alternative take of their glorious smooth and cool groove.

Track Eight
"Strawberry Letter 23"
Brothers Johnson

Hello my love.

Track Nine
"Love is da Shit"

Saturday is always the day for Spearhead.

Track Ten
"We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together"
The Velvet Underground

Changing the mood, but keeping it up.
A classic live recording from 1969. The world lost the greatest rhythm guitarist...
Rest In Peace, Stirling Morrison.

Track Eleven
"Blank Generation"
Richard Hell and the Voidoids

Got me going on dozens of Saturday afternoons, back in the '80s...

Track Twelve
De La Soul

Interlude, from "Three Feet High and Rising"

Track Thirteen
"According to My Heart"
Jim Reeves

James Travis Reeves, 1923-1964.
Live at the Grand Ole Opry.

Track Fourteen
"Feel So High"

Soul made for a Saturday.

Track Fifteen
"Hallo Spaceboy"
David Bowie

Hallo nodists! This is Major Tom to Everything2...
A big boomy drummy cut for the penultimate choon.

Track Sixteen
"Take a Chance on Me"

The most perfect popsong.
God bless ABBA.

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