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The A plan is basically the code name for favored status when purchasing a new automobile from one of the (American) big 3 automakers (Ford, Chrysler, GM). There are several different discount plans, the A plan is for factory and other favored employees of the automaker and their direct relatives. The plan generally proposes a rate noticeably below the MSRP or sticker price of the vehicle. In some cases, this will be a percentage below the MSRP, however since markup is different for varieties of automobiles, the discount will not always seem equal. For instance, my sister bought a 2001 Ford Taurus, sticker price 22,000, and paid 18,500. I bought a 2001 Ford Focus, sticker price 18,500 with dealer incentives, and paid 14,500. The markup on the Focus was higher than it was on the Taurus, so I basically got the better deal.

The automakers have other discount plans, such as the Z plan for retired employees who were not directly employed by the company (my grandmother gets the Z plan, she worked in the cafeteria at Ford), and then there are dealer plans for favored dealers in particular regions. Automakers also keep a "Pep" lot, full of vehicles which are driven by higher up employees for a short lease-type period. These pep vehicles are then available for sale at great discount to employees.

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