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A Stressful Season

Client after client swarming in.
No point in wiping their feet.
It's tax season...
I can hear the receptionist asking who they need.
"Nice to see you again, Xochitl has been expecting you."

Oh, I prepared your income taxes last year?
What's your social security number?
How do you spell your last name?
Time stands still.
Clients seems to take hours pulling out their forms.

All I need to do is pee.

**standard deduction, child tax credit**

Did you have any bank interest?
"Xochitl, you have a call on line 2."
Take a message please.
Perhaps some unemployment compensation?
Oh, you mean to tell me you had your own business.

Charts on the floor, digits stored in my mind.
Calculator glued to your left hand, people's faces a blur.

**state returns, 401Ks**

You live in Texas, but worked in Michigan?
I despise state returns.
You don't qualify for the earned income credit.
I don't know how much you made last year.
Perhaps you should itemize.

**Depreciation, Capital Gain**

"Mom, I can't work tomorrow, I have a biology test"
(my mom is the supervisor)
I forget what the standard mileage rate?
Off to the restroom, try to regain my sanity.
I should have taken my lunch break 2 hours ago.

**Casualty Losses, Student Loans**

Why is this lady yelling at me?
It's not my fault you can't get that credit.
No mam..the IRS isn't just out to get you.
Not my fault she didn't have anything withheld.

I speak...
"Thank-you, I hope to see you next year, Dr. Lortex."
Shit..that was the last client's name, not his.
He gives me a puzzled look.
Oh well, I'm off for the day.
Tomorrow will be worse.

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