Ok, so here's a really easy way to do some daily good. Here's all you have to do: smile at young children.

I know... easy, right? Here's what I'm thinking. So you know how little kids always imitate people? Now, I mean young, like before they can talk young, but say you're at the mall or something and a mom is pushing here baby in a stroller and you look, because kids are cute and you can look at them without them being all like, "yo man, why the fuck are you looking at me?!" and even if they did that it'd be cute 'cause they're really tiny. So anyways, you're out and you see a kid and it looks back at you and you smile. There. And 9 times out of 10 he smiles back. That's it. It takes a village to teach a kid to smile... his parents can teach him the rest.

Don't go looking for the world in the Ethnic section
of Whole Foods. Enlightenment is not found
under the udon noodles. Understanding of Mexico
is not above the jar of salsa.

Look. Listen.

Get out of your apartment. Walk down to the corner and
shake your jar of change. Shred your documents
to this fairyland you live in. Slouch down along the border
with your face rubbed with dirt, tanned. Go to Rio, climb the hills.
walk barefoot, at night through the favela -

- and I hope they punch you in the mouth
like the ignorant-dreaming fool you are.

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