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Format for a drinking marathon conducted thusly:
1.) Get your hands on bartender's guide, or use Everything Bartender.

2.) Generate an alphabetical list of 26 cocktails, one for each letter.

3.) Starting at one end of the list drink each cocktail in sucesssion until you can drink no more.

4.) Repeat on consecutive weekends until you can complete the whole list.
This is a recipe for either alcohol poisoning or building up ones tolerance to alcohol. There are certain tips almost nessecary to completeing the whole set.
1.) Pace yourself, it's not a race.
2.) Know when to stop, it's ok to give up (the farthest I ever got was "S")
3.) Mix in some cocktails with a lower alcohol content. They don't all have to be Zombies and Long Island Iced teas.
4.) Don't do this alone.
I didn't start doing this kind of binge until I already had a fully stocked bar. Of course this was a hobby invented by GIs with nothing better to do on a friday or saturday night.

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