In Portland, OR, the local noders don't often write about their noder meets and parties because for us here on the PDXCB, life is one big long party. We spend enough time about it that it would get a little wearing to write about it everytime we shared a box of triscuits.

Today, we had a different type of noders meet, which should be read and emulated by everyone on e2. The idea all started a few weeks ago when I was standing at a filthy filthy bus stop on Powell Boulevard. Truly dirty busstops are rare in Portland, Tri-Met being a truly clean, efficient bus system, but this was one of them. I looked around at it, and thought it would be a good idea to clean it. But cleaning out busstops isn't very fun, or very fast alone. And where could I find a group of people who were willing to spend their weekends scrounging up cigarette butts. The same place I find everything else I do or know about : this website.

So the call went out, and after a couple of weekends of trying to find a good time for everyone, we chose today. I, Revphil, ideath, joyquality and thefinn cleaned both sides of ten or so blocks of Powell Boulevard's busiest section. It was relatively easy all working together, and we all had fun, and appreciated what we were doing. Rumors that ideath was giving out 1 XP of blessing per cigarette butt were, however, unfortunately, not true.

So, for all you noders in cities with a large enough confluence of noders to be able to meet regularly, this could be the next step in e2 organized events. After all, you can only drink, eat junkfood and watch purposely dumb scifi movies for so long. As long as we are all together, we may as well think of something productive to do.

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