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I love rabbits, I have one of my own. Something weird happened the other day when I was taking a nature hike. It was mid-afternoon and I came across four cute little baby rabbits. I stayed my distance so not to scare them, and began to wonder where their mother was. They seemed so vulnerable without their mother to feed and protect them.
I felt like I had to take action right away, so I ran over to the museum that owned the land I was hiking on to ask someone there about the rabbits. I found someone quicly who worked at the museum and asked them if it was unusual to see baby rabbits with no mother, and she said no! She said no, it wasn't unusual to find them without a mother.
I learned that the mother rabbit's way of protection was to stay away from her babies for sometimes a whole day! It turns out she's luring predators away from her babies. That way preditors can only smell her, the babies don't give off a smell. The slower babies won't get eaten.
I thought this was pretty neat and wondered how the mother rabbit knew this. One can only wonder.

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