This quote appear as Tom Clancy's testimonial on the front jacket of Larry Niven's (excellent) Destiny's Road. It got me thinking. I mean, it comes from Tom Clancy. To put it gently, Tom Clancy is not exactly the world's greatest writer. I could have understood any of these quotes:
"Lots of interesting hardware."
(only it doesn't).
"Amazing analysis of futuristic strategic airstrike capabilities."
(Nobody flies in the book).
"Refreshingly devoid of anyone whose opinions might upset DMan."
(It's Larry Niven; DMan needn't worry too much).
But what am I supposed to make of this? It's the sole testimonial on the front jacket, and there's obviously no reason to believe any of it.

I mean, imagine the next edition of the Oxford Shakespeare's Hamlet coming out; on the front cover appears: "His grasp of the subtleties of English is superb." -- Larry Niven. Do you really trust Larry Clancy or Tom Niven on matters of writing?

It's a bit like putting "Quite a nice lady." -- J. Stalin on an autobiography of Mother Theresa, just because they both studied at a religious seminar when they were young.

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