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ADF is an abbreviation for Asian Dub Foundation, a musical group formed in 1993 at Community Music. Dr. Das, who taught music technology at Community Music, teamed up with civil rights worker DJ Pandit G and a student, rapper Deeder Zaman, to play at anti-racist gigs. After adding guitarist Chandrasonic and live technologist Sun-J, Asian Dub Foundation started playing and recording in 1995.

More information on the band may be found at the Asian Dub Foundation node or at www.asiandubfoundation.com.

ADF is an abbreviation for Alaska Design Forum, a "non-profit organization of architects, artists, and designers formed to broaden the range of discussion of the design of the built environment." They also offer programs to educate the public with current ideas of design and design, and lead discussion about the relevancy of those ideas to life, art and design in Alaska.

More information on the group can be found at www.alaskadesignforum.org.

ADF is an abbreviation for Ár nDraíocht Féin or its rough meaning in English, "A Druid Fellowship" (the Irish, pronounced "arn ree-ocht fane," actually means "our own Druidism"). The group is an independent Neopagan Druidism organization. Founded by Archdruid Emeritus P. E. Isaac Bonewits, the group is (in a nutshell) "researching and expanding sound modern scholarship about the ancient Celts and other Indo-European peoples, in order to reconstruct what the Old Religions of Europe really were." Among other things, they offer the "toughest" Neopagan clergy training program, maintain communication between a vast community of Druid groves, and publish a quarterly newsletter.

More information may be found at the Ár nDraíocht Féin node or at www.adf.org.

ADF is an abbreviation for Amsterdam Density Functional program, a density functional theory software package for computational quantum chemistry, created by Scientific Computing & Modelling NV, the Ziegler Group (Calgary) and the Snijders Group (Groningen). It enables first-principles electronic structure calculations.

More information is available at www.scm.com.

ADF is an abbreviation for the African Development Foundation, an organization established by the African Development Foundation Act in 1980 to promote sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa. In the past 15 years the group has funded more than 1300 projects in 34 countries, with over 230 projects in 13 countries active today.

More information is available at www.adf.gov.

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