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Ah hell. What to write. Anyways, I'm was sent here by a friend who thinks the world revolves around him and believes that AOL is out to enslave anyone that touches or visits their crap. See if you can find that one here. Secretly, m.y own enslavement is done by Mirabilis. ICQ is evil. Compared to my friend, anyway. I even have my own little old school number of 904876. Other than that, I run drac.org, which has a 24/7 webcam on my damn ugly face. Fun. I've been thinki.ng of getting a Quake symbol or Q3A (Quake III Arena) symbol somewhere tattooed on my body. Yay for self-mutilation. At the time, I co-run www.halflife.net, with my friend sNeAk doing news for the "Game Of The Year of 1998" as .acclaimed by over 11 different magazines. Visit it. Right now.