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It came to me but a second ago. I was reading through the works of one of my heros. He used to work in the technology world, now here runs a dance club -- you know the guy. When I first got my start in the IT world, I idolized him; just the coolest guy in the world. But, over the past few years and even minutes, I've realised something; I Don't want to be like him anymore. He has become bitter. Angry. Resentful. That might be great for my Idol, but that's not the same for me.

Respect is a separate thing.

I've justified myself through my icons for quite a long time. Striving to be one in some grand future. But I now understand that an icon is just someone waiting for an iconoclast. There is more to life than sycophants.... and there is a hell of a lot more to existance than being one. The ability to be unique is a gift that, without it, we are all the same person -- unchanged. And Repition is the death of the soul.

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