From Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1880)

ACHAEA ('Achaia), a surname of Demeter by which she was worshipped at Athens by the Gephyraeans who had emigrated thither from Boeotia. (Herod. v. 61 ; Plut. Is. et Osir. p. 378, D.)

2. A surname of Minerva worshipped at Luceria in Apulia where the donaria and the arms of Diomedes were preserved in her temple. (Aristot. Mirab. Narrat. 117.)

>L. S.

An original e-text for everything2. I scanned, OCR'd, formatted, and linked this text - it is not available in any format on any other web site. All Greek words are transliterated into Latin characters.

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