I have been painting all morning. It's what I do most mornings now that school is out. I love acrylic paint. It's so thick and creamy, like painting with butter. Ahhhh. Therapy for my plastic soul. I love it. I just go out on the porch, turn up the tunes, and paint away. Sometimes I paint realistic stuff, but usually it's abstract. I attempt to paint the music, like Kandinsky, Dove, and Klee did. They were geniuses. I'm in such a good mood. Three hours of paint and canvas can do wonders to a guy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....

I used to paint patterns, pictures and mandalas on the inside of my forearm when stuck on a larger painting ... then overpaint and overpaint it until i could peel it off. A painting made of nothing but paint. An external tattoo.

Acrylics always encouraged me to use primaries, when my usual palette was far more subtle. I loved them for that!

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