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Album by Meat Beat Manifesto released in 1998 on Play It Again Sam/Nothing/Interscope Records. The album's music is techno, though I've heard it described as industrial from time to time. I wouldn't call it industrial though and I think a lot of those who have do so because the music has a much darker feel to it than most techno. There's quite a bit of sampling done on the album taken from a shortwave radio (actual sounds and voices!) mixed with drum&bass-esque beats and eerie background noises. Somewhat spooky to listen to in the dark, if one's in the mood.

All the songs were written, produced, and engineered by Meat Beat Manifesto main man Jack Dangers. The non-sampled vocals (and there's plenty of those as well) and bass are also credited to him (along with "stuff" - that's what it says in the liner notes). The album also features drums and other percussion by Lynn Farmer and "prepared" guitars by John Wilson. Other musicians played some instruments on specific songs only (listed below with the track list).

The most famous song off Actual Sounds and Voices is "Prime Audio Soup" which appears on the hit soundtrack to The Matrix. Chances are a lot of people know this song though perhaps not by name. A single full of remixes of this song was also released. I think the first half of the album contains some of the better electronica I've heard. The latter half of the album tends to be a bit too repetitive for me though. At that point my head is swimming and then the album goes and sticks and concussion grenade in one of my ears.

track list:

  1. Everything's Under Control (0:43)
  2. Prime Audio Soup (6:17)
  3. Book of Shadows (5:43)1
  4. Oblivion/Humans (5:52)
  5. Let's Have Fun (3:30)
  6. The Tweek (2:25)
  7. Acid Again (5:47)
  8. Let Go (4:44)
  9. Where Are You?/Enuff (5:59)
  10. Hail to the Bopp (4:40)
  11. 3 Floors Above You (5:00)
  12. Funny Feeling (6:10)2
  13. The Thumb (10:47)1, 3
  14. Wavy Line (1:17)
  15. Wildlife (4:12)
1Engineered by Josh Tobias Roberts and Deanne Franklin at Toast Studios, San Francisco.
2Additional musicians: Brain - drums; Bennie Maupin - saxaphone, bass clarinet; and Dan Nielsen - wurlitzer.
3Additional musicians: Dr. Pat Gleeson - arp 2600, echoplex; Bennie Maupin - saxaphone, bass clarinet; Mark Pistel - serge; and Mike Powell - theremin.

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