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Adam's Dying

He dreamed first
Of what seem
The things worst
In the dream

The lost bower,
The grave's drouth,
The sword's power,
The worm's mouth.

He dreamed last
Of good things:
The pain past,
The air's wings.

The seed furled,
The stirred dust,
Sight's world,
The hand's thrust.

Thought's birth.
The mind's blade,
Work's worth,
The thing made.

The wind's haste,
The cloud's dove,
The fruit's taste,
The heart's love.

The sky's dome,
The sun's west,
A man's home,
Eve's breast.

The wave's beach,
The bird's wood,
Dreams each,
But all good.

Life finds rest
Where life rose.
Which was best?
The heart knows.

-Ridgely Torrence

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