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Superhero from the Marvel Universe. He first appeared in Fantastic Four #67, written by Stan Lee and penciled by Jack Kirby.

An artificial being, he turned on his creators after deeming them evil. After spending a lot of time wandering space (as well as causing some trouble with Thor), he finally came under the tutelage of The High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary bestowed upon him the soul gem. Then he sent Adam down to Counter-Earth to rid it of the Man-Beast. To accomplish this task, Adam died upon an ankh and was resurrected afterwards. The parallels to Jesus Christ are intentional.

After this, Jim Starlin started writing Adam Warlock stories. His stories were extremely introspective, and even pitted Adam against various aspects of his self. Later, Adam died while fighting Thanos, but his soul continued to live on inside the soul gem. When it became clear that Thanos was once again threatening the universe, Adam came back to life to fight him once more. This was during The Infinity Gauntlet. After a brief period of godhood (which was stripped from him by the Living Tribunal on grounds of mental instability), Adam formed The Infinity Watch to guard the Infinity gems so that no one else could abuse them. It was around this point that The Infinity War and The Infinity Crusade occurred. Later, the Infinity Gems disappeared, except for Adam's, so the Watch was disbanded. Shortly after this, he retreated into his cocoon again, and he exited it with a slightly different look. Along with the different look comes a different attitude. He now shows a little emotion, and even seems to have found love with Gamora, a long time teammate.

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