A very hip magazine for culture-jammers. Using guerilla media tactics, they take on advertising on its home ground. Heavy on graphic design and spoof ads, this humourous/serious publication takes on the ad industry. Their buy nothing day ads were rejected by the TV networks because they were "not in our best interests".

A magazine and website dedicated to the concept of culture jamming. Founded by Kalle Lasn (see also: "Culture Jam: The Cooling of America™" by Kalle Lasn, 1999), the magazine targets advertising and multinational corporations in their use of big monies to manipulate and control.

The concept for Adbusters and for culture jamming itself stem from the 1960s French movement, situationalism, with member Guy Debord among others, which favored the use of "detournement," in which common advertisements or other widely recognized symbols are hijacked and used against the organization or corporations that would seem to control them.

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