Acrobatic alligators anxiously await
Bombastic baboons bashfully berate
Cunning cougars courageously canter
Dynamic dogs dutifully dance

Adjective Articles Adverbly Action is a simple word game. For each letter of the alphabet, you must name an animal which begins with that letter. The line is filled out with three more words – all starting with the same letter – an adjective describing the animal, an adverb describing the action, and the action word itself.

Enigmatic emus expediently exit
Friendly flamingos flamboyantly flambé
Gorgeous gorillas gallantly gallivant
Herculean hippos haughtily haw
Intelligent ibexes inconsiderately infer
Jovial jaguars jubilantly joust
Kindred koalas kindly knit

I played this word game every single weekday morning over a two-year period while driving to work with baby girl in her car seat. We are currently in a bit of a lull as she transitions out of toddler years and looks forward to kindergarten: she doesn’t want to hear the song, but she doesn’t quite know the parts of speech well enough to make up her own lines to battle back and forth.

Lovable llamas languidly loaf
Magnificent manatees magically motorbike
Nautical newts naughtily nag
Omnipotent orangutans obediently observe
Precious pandas precociously prance
Quaint quetzals quietly quiver
Roguish rhinoceroses rapidly retreat
Sociable salamanders sonorously saunter

Great for lullabying babies with; great for introducing word sounds and simple syntax to non-verbal or early-verbal toddlers. Very good for new parents driven nearly mad with sleep deprivation. Has strong potential as an alternating-verse or sung-in-a-round challenge for 2nd-8th graders.

Tiny tigers triumphantly trapeze
Unitary urchins usually unwind
Virtuoso vultures violently violin
Wispy walruses wryly whisper
Xenic xrayfish xylylly xerox
Young yaks yearly yuppify
Zen zebras zonkily zigzag


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