Cable TV. The majority of Americans didn't have it until Viacom worked their magic. Viacom. What did Viacom sell? Lucrative product placement. All thanks to MTV, playing the supposed music of the youth, and VH1, playing the music that the youth think sucks but the previous generation of youth thinks is what good music used to be all about. That was in the beginning. MTV has realized now, that the correct mixture of advertising and softcore porn will be even more profitable.

Internet Access. Dialup and DSL both have free options that require you to annoy your friends as well as watch ads. Dialup and broadband that you pay for allows you to access the internet faster, and without watching dumb ads, but all you're really going to need that access for is porn anyway. And mp3s.

The web. Web sites are almost entirely free, all thanks to the power of ads. There are some that are not free, because they sell porn. Presently, women are not willing to demean themselves for advertising rather than direct profit. This will change.

Videoconferencing and streaming video. Yeah.

That's just a sampling of the popular technologies that have required ads, the power of nudity, or both to catch on. I have several theories on this:
  • People are not willing to learn technology unless it is in pursuit of free stuff or porn. Learning new modes of communication just doesn't seem to excite people.
  • All new technology communication technology is created in order to better present porn. This is a quest to be valued highly by all.
  • Only porn pays enough to develop new technology.
Last I checked, I could view a number of the finer works in the Jenna Jameson collection thanks to developments in computer hardware and broadband, but other applications of this new technology have been slow to follow. And when they do, I'm sure they'll be advertising Britney Spears.

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