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Adult Rodeo is a pop band on Shimmy-Disc Records putting out music that is slightly minimalist and slightly folksy. They have been described as partly goth, partly countrified, and mostly insane. With tracks titled "jesus, he loves LSD and me" and "bamtourine", they bare to the world where their interests lie (at least, they bare it to those who aren't square).

The band is comprised of Stephanie Mankins and Rob Erickson, who met in Rhode Island while attending art school. They then moved to New York City for a brief gig, and somehow ended up in Texas, purportedly as the proprietors of a used car lot.

Adult Rodeo currently has two album offerings, "The Kissyface" and "TEXXXAS". While "The Kissyface" has more of an original feel to it-- being their debut album-- "TEXXXAS" has more catchy tunes and interesting lyrics.

Some information extracted from http://www.knittingfactory.com/labels/cd_info.cfm?cd_num=236&label_num=6

I'll put up a discography and lyrics when I find the time...

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